The Gathering: The Gathering

One thing I have noticed throughout my life as a psychic medium and teacher is that these roles, as well as that of healer, often overlap. As a medium, I work to facilitate the transitioning of those who have passed as well as easing the pain and confusion of those left behind. I help to heal both sides while teaching my clients about the processes that are taking place when you look more deeply into the various modalities and methods of the psychics, healers, teachers, you may begin to see many aspects of all three within yourselves.


When I help someone, who is stuck in between this plane and the “beyond,” I am not acting as an exorcist but rather as a transitionist. I am not casting them out. I am giving them the assistance they need in order to open the path to finally move on. Our task is not to release all those souls who have become stuck here single handedly. It is to send out the message to everyone on both sides to join together in bringing the healing and release that those souls so desperately need. Try to imagine the intense energy of two millennia of trapped souls simultaneously rejoining with the universe.