Human societies tend to be totally hung up on the idea of good versus evil, right versus wrong, positive versus negative. In order to preserve the status quo, it is imperative that order is maintained in line with what the ruling powers prefer. The standards of what constitutes good and bad are not static, however. They are fluid and change according to what most benefits those who make the rules. So much of what we deem unacceptable in 21st century western society were the norms of 18th and 19th century cultures.

Does that mean that we are simply more enlightened today? Perhaps. But how much of what we consider to be good and proper today will be considered abominations in 2220? Heck, we can’t even agree on what is good or bad within today’s society. If you don’t believe me just ask someone who they are going to vote for and why.

Have you ever noticed that this group hates that group until they really get to know each other and understand that we all have something of value to share. It’s only those who adamantly refuse to be open to learning about others who can’t seem to accept them. Sometimes it’s just terrifying to learn that we actually do have a choice.

Too often, whatever we cling to as our “belief system” tends to direct our moral compass rather than the other way around. The more we allow societal values to tell us who we have to be, the less we are who we truly are. The more firmly we entrench and wrap ourselves in the blanket of those societal beliefs, the less likely we are to let go and fully transition when we die. In Source there are no value systems to cling to. There is no good versus bad. There is only true knowledge of all things.


 For some time now I have been talking and writing about the Gathering. It is the bringing together of kindred individuals into a world-wide group to facilitate the Lifting. We are in that process now. We are discovering our true Selves and empowering the abilities that we all possess. In our Self discovery we are also recognizing others who display similar abilities. They are our tribes.

But what, exactly, is the Lifting? Many of us who are psychic mediums are called upon, from time to time, to do a house or location clearing. This happens when a non-living entity or entities inhabit a locale and it causes discomfort for the people living there. And so, the living person calls someone in to remove that entity. Sometimes this is done in the form of an exorcism.

I reject exorcism because it operates from the assumption that there is evil that has to be battled with. As I have said, many times, what we project is what we receive. If you go into any situation with the intention of a confrontation, you will have a confrontation. Rather, I enter with the intention of compassion, resolution, and facilitating transition for the trapped souls. This gentle, loving release is what I call a Lifting. A dear friend and associate of mine, Tina McSwain, who is also a psychic medium and a paranormal investigator, calls it “Spirit Rescue.” I really love that term. Anyone who has rescued a pet from a shelter or other unfortunate situation knows the unconditional love that that creature returns to us.

Whenever an entity or entities who are earth-bound for whatever reasons their energies of confusion, anger, or other unresolved issues are trapped with them. The more individuals who are trapped at a given site, the greater the amount of trapped energy. When they are helped to release and fully transition those energies dissipate as well.

I was asked about the “energy void” that is created when a soul is released and transitions back to Source. What I have experienced in every instance is much the same as the rescued animal. Upon reconnection with Source, the energy of stress and fear is immediately replaced with the energy of love and gratitude. There is no delay or space of time. The highest vibration fills the void.

Over the next several months, Tina and I, along with Darlene Coleman in Florida and others around the country, will be facilitating local Liftings at various locations where large numbers of entities remain earth-bound. These include battlefields, old hospitals, disaster sites, and more. We will be recording these events and making the videos available on our blog posts and webcasts so that you all can have a clearer understanding of what liftings are all about.

For more information and to become part of The Gathering*, click on the link below or go to: https://connectionswithfrankchodl.com/the-gathering. If you have or know of a location in your area that is in need of a Lifting, or if you would like to participate in a local area Lifting, contact me directly at Frank@FrankChodl.com and let’s make it happen.

*There are no requests for fees of any kind associated with participating in this event. While we may, from time to time, offer links to resources for learning and development, none are required for participation. It’s all about our shared energy and intention of compassion, love, and healing.


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