I am often asked, “How do you know that any of this real? Can you prove it?” No matter what your occupation or field of study is, there will always be those who question your experience and understanding. If you are in any kind of philosophical, spiritual, or metaphysical field, even more so. For the agnostics it is often questioning the existence of a higher power or God. Can you prove that “He” exists? In a Newtonian physical world, of course not.

Take your theories into the Quantum level and beyond and you will find that there will be far more people who scoff at your beliefs. In the New Testament of the Christian Bible, Jesus is often quoted as speaking in parables. This wasn’t intended to distract or confuse his followers. Quite the opposite. 2000 years ago, people were mostly farmers, herders, fishermen, and laborers. They were not educated in conceptual thinking. Therefore, many non-physical lessons had to be presented in physical terms that would be readily comprehended.

As advanced as today’s scientific and mathematical communities may be, a large percentage of the world’s populace is still reliant on their physical senses for understanding. Most conspiracy theories and “reality” television shows would not succeed if everyone really understood the chaotic logic behind them. “If I see it, if I hear it, if I smell it, it must be real. If I don’t, it isn’t.”

Skepticism is normal and can help us delve deeper into our own understandings in order to offer a clearer explanation of what we believe. The skeptics ask the questions that we take for granted. It would be great if we possessed the ability to anticipate and address those questions, and sometimes we do. Too often however, for most of us, we assume the answers before the questions are asked. The skeptics are our reality checks, and we should appreciate them for that.

Cynicism, on the other hand, is just denial. Cynics don’t care if you have a rational explanation or not. These are the, “I know what I know and don’t try to confuse the issue with facts” people. If you could somehow demonstrate the quantum theory of multiple universes, they would say that you made it up on a movie set. Cynics are rarely open to considering ideas that conflict with their current understanding. These are the people who troll your blogs and Twitter posts for the simple purpose of trying to scoff at your ideas. It is almost always a futile effort to attempt to clarify or refute any of their assertions because that wasn’t their intention.

So, how do we handle the nay-sayers? I would suggest that we embrace the skeptics with gratitude for showing us where we can bring better understanding, and just let the cynics go. Hold all of them in the light of love and compassion, and may the highest vibration raise us all.

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