Well, here we go again. Have you ever noticed that some people are consumed by superstitions and fear? If it’s unknown or different, it must be evil. Triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13 is one of our more familiar superstitions, but are you aware of its origins and other metaphysical meanings?

On Friday the 13th, 1307, French King Philip IV sent his troops on a secret mission to kill or capture all of the Knights Templar. The Templars had become too powerful and the king owed them far more than he was able to repay. So, he decided to clear his debt, so to speak. Now it’s not clear if that was the origin of the fear of the 13th or if the king chose that date because of its ominous reputation. Regardless, the king’s campaign was only successful in rounding up a few hundred of the several thousand knights and, thanks to a dying curse by the grand master Jacques de Molay, I guess it wasn’t particularly lucky for the king.

This one is a particularly notable Friday the 13th. Astrologers will note that it coincides with the new moon in Scorpio. This is a sign of great relief from stress and hardships (you might say we’ve had some of that recently) and an opening of energy flow for deep insights, intuition, dreams, and innovation. Many Pagan religions traditionally practiced their rituals and spell castings on the 13th of the month due to their belief in its power and beautiful energy. Numerologists may concur in that 13 reduces down to 4 (1+3=4) and represents energy and creativity. Conversely, some Asian cultures shun the number 4 as being fraught with bad luck and death.

It is also significant that in the Divine Feminine the number 13 refers to the cycle of creation (death, blood, fertility, and rebirth). This relates to the 13-month cycle of the moon and women’s 13 menstrual cycles each year. This feminine energy has been at odds with western religions since the 4th century when the Catholic Church sought to subjugate women in society and abolish feminine deities such as Cybele. (Look up the location of the Roman temple of Cybele and the location of the Vatican. Coincidence? I don’t think so.)

Personally, I was born on the 26th which is twice 13. My older sister was born on the 13th. In both instances my mother was in room 13 of the maternity ward. As a child I lived at 13 Rock Ave until I was 13 years old. There were 13 steps to our front door. And, we had a black cat just for good measure. So, I have always viewed 13 as part of my life.

Numbers, in and of themselves, are innocuous. They are merely representations of quantitative values. As with all things, it is all about our intentions and the energy that we grant to them that affords them the power to predict or change our luck. The more people who believe that a particular number (or any symbol for that matter) holds any significance, the more significant that number becomes.

And so, may this Friday the 13th bring you all the good luck and energy that you desire.

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